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The aims and objectives of the Association shall be :

  • a) to strive to contribute towards all-round development of education in the State, in general and of collegiate education, in particular.
  • b) to preach and adopt such measures as are considered necessary for the development of a healthy, progressive and creative cultural life in the State, in particular and in the Country, in general.
  • c) to make continuous efforts towards comprehensive human resource development in the state of Assam, in particular and in the country, in general.
  • d) to promote national integration and national ideals and to defend fundamental rights and human values.
  • e) to safeguard and improve the conditions of service and status of teachers.
  • f) to render necessary help to the distressed member/ members of the Association and his/her/their family/ families.
  • g) to establish friendly relations with and extend cooperation to other teachers’ Associations, inside and outside the state of Assam.
  • h) to promote study and research in educational and other allied fields with special emphasis on the conditions of the north eastern region of India.
  • i) to focus on the educational and other problems of the north eastern region by publishing books, journals, bulletins, etc. and through survey and field study.
  • j) to initiate and assist schemes for securing solutions to educational and other problems.
  • k) to share views and ideas with parents, students and other people who are interested in the all-round development of education and other related matters.
  • l) to adopt and implement such other measures as may be deemed necessary for furtherance of the aforesaid objectives.