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Welcome to ACTA

ACTA -At a Glanch

ACTA (Assam College Teachers’ Association), an organisation of college teachers of Assam, is the second largest college teachers’ organisation in India, with a member strength of approximately 7000 (seven thousand) college teachers working in 189 (one hundred and eighty-nine) provincialised colleges of Assam. The Association was founded in 1949 at its inaugural Nowgong College Conference with 40 college teachers serving in 14 non-government colleges, keeping in view the main objective of contributing to improving the condition of higher education in Assam.


a) To strive and contribute towards all round improvement of education in the state in general and of collegiate education in particular.

b) To establish friendly relations and co-operation with other Teachers Associations, inside and outside the state.

c) To promote national integration and national ideals and to defend fundamental rights and human values. to safeguard and improve the conditions of service and status of teachers.

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a) To promote study and research in educational and other allied fields with special reference to the conditions of the North Eastern Region of India.

b) To focus the educational and other problems of the North Eastern Region by publishing books, journals, bulletins, etc. through survey and field study.

c) To take such other steps as may be deemed necessary for furtherance of the aforesaid objectives

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